National Savings Certificate (NSC)

Minimum Amount Investment = Rs 100
Maximum Amount Investment = No Limit
Maturity Period = 6 Years
Place of Deposite = Purchase from Head Post Office or other Authorised Post Office
Purchase Process = Invest Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs max. limit
Payment Mode = Cash, Cheque, Pay Order, Demand Draft etc

Rates of Interest on NSC

Under mentioned interest based on investment Rs 100
YearAfter 28.2.2001 but
before 1.3.02
After 28.2.2002 but
before 1.3.03
After 28.2.2003
1st Year Rs 9.72Rs 9.20Rs 8.16
2nd Year Rs 10.67Rs 10.05Rs 8.83
3rd Year Rs 11.71Rs 10.97Rs 9.55
4th Year Rs 12.85Rs 11.98Rs 10.33
5th Year Rs 14.10Rs 13.09Rs 11.17
6th Year Rs 15.47Rs 14.29Rs 12.08
Total Rs 74.52 Rs 69.58 Rs 60.12

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