Excel 2007 comes with more powerful and flexible technique you can use to process your worksheet data. In Excel 2007 version, You could always create larger data collections across multiple worksheets. Excel 2007 version is more user friendly interface than Excel 2003. There are many differences between Excel 2007 to Excel 2003. These differences show as a table form :-
TopicExcel 2003Excel 2007
Columns in a worksheet25616384
Rows in a worksheet655361048576
No of fields displayed in the Pivot Table Field List25516384
Maximum Length (character) of a formula10248192
Color allowed in a workbook564.3 billion
No of characters displayed in a cell102432768
No of characters displayed in an Autofilter List102432768
No of columns allowed in a Pivot Table25516384
ManubarCharacter BasedCharacter plus Icon Based