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Define Business Area in SAP ECC 6.0

Hello Friends, today we will discuss the scope of Business Area and how to create Business Area. Business area define for geographical location of business operation and maintain business area for different PRODUCT line. Business Area helps to generate series wise GRN Engine report and segment wise if require in future. Existing user name and password shared with my team.

For practice purpose, we will create business area for geographical area. Please follow below mentioned area.

Login in SAP Environment
SAP -> Enterprise Structure > Defination > Financial Accounting or use T-Code OX03
Click on New Entries

Insert Values

Click Save

Insert value, write down the Transport Request Number and Password. Click SAVE

Transport Request

Hello Friends, today we will discuss about scope of Transport request number and how to generate this number after each configuration or changes has been made in SAP application.

What is Transport Request number?
When we make any configuration and save this, SAP automatically RECORD task process and generate one Transport request number. This number is very important to transfer configuration from TEST Server to GO LIVE Server.

Example of Transport Request number as below. This request number automatically generated number, if user want to generate own number, click on OWN REQUEST.

If SAP Application not generate Transport number automatically for old CONTRACT, We need to inform management and provide possible way to overcome the problem.

Request number contains three different part, for example, in above image, the number is D10K900025
D10 - First 3 digit identifying SAP System ID
K - is fixed kayword
900025 - Random number starting from 900001 followed by System ID and K


It is common that after save any configuration, POPUP will appear with Transport Request number. User need to save the request number for future use. If the popup window not appearing, please follow below steps

After login, type SE01 in tcode and press enter

Please check yellow highlighted flag on or not. User need to turn on the flag.

Then type  SCC4 t-code and press enter

Transport Request Configuration

Here need to select client. My client is 800, so I am highlight this client

Then click on Display/Change pencil icon (in image)

Transport Request Configuration final

Please check the highlighted flag and turn this ON. Save the configuration.

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