Create New Company Code by Coping Existing Company Code in SAP FICO

In my last articles, I shared notes regarding HOW TO CREATE GROUP COMPANY. In this lesson, I am going to show how to create NEW COMPANY in SAP.

As SAP mythology, users need to maintain financial statement and legal compliance at Company Code level. Therefore as per legal entity, users need to DEFINE COMPANY CODE. Also Company Code used to define company as per continent or region. For example AUDI INDIA LTD, AUDI UK LTD OR AUDI USA LTD.

We will copy from SAP Default company and create our new company. After creation, we will modify necessary change as per our company profile. We will copy from existing company because it will help us to copy SAP default table from existing company to new company.

Before creating the New Company Code, please create Group Company for Consolidated Financial Report, please visit How to Create Group Company in SAP

Therefore, the Company Code creation process divided in two step
STEP -1. Copy from Existing Company
STEP -2. Edit company profile data after copy from exsting company


  • After logged in, run comment SPRO in t-code bar
  • Follow the navigation path as below image or run T-Code OX02 

  • Select Copy, Delete, Check company code and Double click this option

  • Click on Copy icon 
  • After compiling the table, this window will open

  • Insert From Company Code, for India I am selecting 4300 Company Code
  • New 4 Digit Alpha Numeric Number insert in TO COMPANY CODE field, I am inserting R111 i.e. my new company code will be R111
  • Click continue

  • We will create our own G/L master. So please select NO

  • Please select NO if you would not allocate different currency

  • Click on Continue by cliek tick icon

  • Application shows warning message. Read the message and click on Continue.

  • We will create our own Number Ranges for posting, please ignore this step and select NO

  • Now create our won TRANSPORT REQUEST number. Please save the number in one place. When we are going to transfer configuration from TESTING SAP CLIENT to LIVE SAP CLIENT, we need to use the TRANSPORT REQUEST NUMBER.

  • Company Code 4300 tables copied to R111 successfully.



  • After complete Step 1, click on BACK button

  • Double click on EDIT COMPANY CODE DATA

  • Click on Position and search the company R111

  • Double click on company name and edit the data as require
  • Click on Save

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